Exhibition photos taken from ‘Subliming Skying, Star Gazing, Screen Glazing’ exhibition at the Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen in April 2019.

This exhibition explored Chinese mythologies, and theories of Ganying and Qi energy, as narratives through which to depict the natural world as an interconnected cosmos, where humans watch nature and the stars for signs and orientation. In contrast, the prevalence of technology in contemporary society is a form of world-building that models tech as life supporting systems, disrupting and disconnecting people from their immediate landscapes.

The video below ‘Cosmic Resonance or Spewing Inertia’ centres the motif of chaos: drawing into the anxieties of ecological destruction, and mythological beliefs which formed interrelations between people and the environment in the past. Throughout the piece, “nature” is examines as a backdrop for simulated desires, from the performative gesturing of ‘being in nature’ for social media, to the curation of landscapes for tourists, as original rocky beaches are covered with imported golden sand. Flicking between manufactured landscapes and plastic pollution, two people move and pose in stillness, as an undercurrent, entwining amongst chaos, nature, rocks, the sea. Digitalised relics and fragments spin, nodding to characters of Chinese Mythology: Hundun or Chaos, and Xiangliu the nine-headed snake who devastated ecology everywhere he went.